From a long term perspective Master Class helps to improve food production

28.10.2014 - 08:30

The master class provide a dynamic exchange of ideas, professional improvement, and experiences for agricultural journalists in both developed and developing countries. These shared experiences build professional skills, broaden global perspective, and enable journalists to do a better job covering agriculture news for both farmers and consumers. From a long-term perspective, these comprehensive, wide-range experiences will help to improve agricultural production in a sustainable way to meet the challenges of feeding a growing world population today and in the future.

The subject of the 2014 Master Class in Scotland was “Innovation”. This is an important topic for the world of agriculture. Everybody learned from each other and could take inputs home for writing about the subject in the publication at home. This year the Master Class was combined with the Boot Camp for young leaders.

As far as I am concerned, I learned much how to chase a story. A former BBC journalist said during the Master Class in Scotland: “you can chase a story for six months, even all year long”. It was a massive experience that will help me in career as journalist. During Owen Roberts program, it was very interesting to see how I can make a good article. “If you use many quotes, someone is telling the story, is doing your job”, he said.

Attending the 2014 Master class was another experience from 2012 Master Class in Sweden. We are different people from different realities as we consider participants from developed countries more skills and educated. We (developing countries) learn from them even though the tools are not the same. In our countries Radio is still powerful as people love listening whereas people have access to internet like reading much.

We thank Agriterra and other guilds who made our attendance possible and the experiences acquired will always contribute to do the better job as agricultural journalists.

Jean de Dieu Ininahazwe from Burundi

Suomen Maataloustoimittajat ry. on tukenut Master Classin toteuttamista vuosina 2013 ja 2014.













The Master Class Group on IFAJ congress in Scotland:Beginning from left Anne Matho Motsou from Cameroon, Fredy Gustavo Gálvez Quim from Guatemala, Francielli Macagnan from Brazil, Yajaira Aquirre Morales from Nicaragua, Carlos Cruz Bellodas from Peru, Daniyar Serikov from Kazakhstan and Pitambar Sigdel from Nepal. Sitting in front Jean de Dieu Ininahazwe from Burundi.














Master Class participant Jean de Dieu Ininahazwe from Burundi in the middle with IFAJ President Markus Rediger and treasurer James Campbell.