ENAJ toimittajamatka Tsekin tasavaltaan 4-6.9.2018

27.07.2018 - 21:15

ENAJ:n jäsenille on tarjolla edullinen retki, jonka teemana on oluen tuotanto eräässä maailman parhaiden oluiden maassa, Tsekeissä. Osallistumismaksu on 200 €, joka sisältää majoituksen, ateriat ja kuljetukset retken aikana. Matkat Prahaan, josta retki alkaa ja päättyy, ovat  omakustanteiset. Paikkoja on rajoitetusti, joten ilmoita kiinnostuksesi viimeistään lauantaina 11.8.2018 Mickelle, micke.godtfredsen@slc.fi

Retken teema on "From hops to glass". Retkellä tutustutaan mm. humalan viljelyyn,  panimoihin ja yliopiston panimo-opintoihin. Luonnollisesti matkalla on useita tilaisuuksia maistaa joitakin erinomaisista tsekkiläisistä oluista. Ohjelma ja lisätietoja:



From hops to glass



We are going to meet at CZECH UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES PRAGUE, Faculty of Engineering at 11 o´clock , where we will take a lesson on brewery and visit the Faculty Brewery.

11.-12.30. Presentation of participants, introduction of Czech hops (short lecture, meeting with rector , precision farming in hops, education of Czech students for love of brewing?)

12.30 - 13.30 small refreshments

13:30 excursion to the school brewery + possible field excursion. Part of this visit is tasting of  local beer called „Jeňýk“ (Little John)

At 15 pm Transfer to Žatec

16:30 - 18:00 Hop Museum and Temple of Hops and Beer

18:00 - 19:00 dinner in the Temple of Hops and Beer

19:15 transfer to hotel ROOSVELT LITOMĚŘICE

20:00 accommodation in hotel ROOSVELT LITOMĚŘICE


Day 2

5.9. ŽATEC

09:00 - 10:30 Harvest Steknik near Žatec

11:00 - 12:00 Visit of hops processing - CHMELAŘSTVÍ, družstvo Žatec

12:30 - 15:00 Hop Institute - lunch, tasting of Czech beers, tour of the Chmelařský institut s.r.o (eg biotechnology - hops of hop, experimental brewery)

15:30 - 16:30 Guided tour - "Žatec - hops", UNESCO list

17:00 - 18:00 Žatecký pivovar s.r.o.

18:15 Transfer to Hotel ROOSVELT LITOMĚŘICE


Chmelařské muzeum Žatec

The Hop Museum in Žatec is the biggest exposition of its kind in Europe. In the area of 4.000 square meters the development of hop industry from the Early Middle Ages until now is shown. In addition to the many exhibits displayed, visitors will see the building, which is of functional industrial architecture from the end of the 19th century to be found in Žatec, famous all over the world for the finest hops.

You will learn why the Žatec district became the producer of the best hops in the world and why the Žatec brand has had to be protected against low-quality imitations ever since medieval times.

You will be impressed by the charm of the fotographs and writtings about hop-growing and beer-making. You will also find here some agricultural machinery and historical machines.

The buildings, the museum is situated in, were built at the end of 19th century and were used as hop stores and packing– plants. The Hop museum was founded by the Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec during 1994 to 1997. The museum was opened during the International Hop Congress in Žatec in July 1997.

Chrám chmele a piva

Hop & Beer Temple is an amusement and educational complex, whose roots run deep in the rich tradition of the world-renowned hop-growing region. The attractive content of the tour will intrigue a broad variety of visitors. The programme is suitable for all age categories. During the visit to this tourist centre, many a secret of hop growing and good beer brewing will be revealed to you.


Stekník u Žatce

Hop research has within Czech hop cultivation a long tradition and important position. The beginning of its activity can be shown since 1925, it is the time when hop station was established.

In 1950 Hop Research Institute was put into operation. The main objective of it is not only hop breeding but hop protection against pests and diseases as well.

Within hop cultivation technologies Hop Research Institute solved the problematic of reconstruction to wide-spacing planting of hop stock, progressive methods in hop cultivation, development in mechanisation, hops harvesting and processing. A great deal of attention was devoted to hop breeding of Saaz semi-early red bine hops.

Breeding work is contemporary aimed at breeding of new varieties. We are trying to get new hybrid aroma and bitter hops which could be utilised in brewing industry.